Top Candidates Do NOT Apply to Job Ads

The Main Reason Top Candidates Do NOT Apply to Job Ads

Let’s say you have an open position to fill. Let’s say that you write the best job advertisement for it and post online, the best one you’ve ever written. Let’s say you show it to your boss and your colleagues, and they agree that it’s the best, most amazing  job ad they’ve ever seen. Now let’s say you post it on the Internet. Guess what?

The top candidates in the market are still not going to apply for that job.

It has nothing to do with the job, the description, or how well the ad was constructed and presented. It has everything to do with this fact, which represents the main reason that top candidates do NOT apply to job ads:

They’re not looking at job ads.

You can’t apply to job ads if you’re not looking at job ads. It’s a simple matter of action (or in this case, of inaction) and consequence.

#1—They don’t have the desire to conduct a job search.
This is another way of saying that they’re relatively happy and engaged where they are. In fact, they’re not conducting a job search at all, not even a passive one. Their current employer recognizes their value and is doing whatever it can do to keep them exactly where they are.

#2—They don’t have the time to conduct a job search.
Top performers are too busy being top performers to devote time to a job search. They’re more than likely exceeding expectations, completing big projects, and reaching audacious goals with their current employer. They’re not looking at job ads in their spare time; instead, they’re doing even more things to increase their value as an employee, quite possibly for one of your competitors.

Top candidates like many of our own network need to be made aware of a better opportunity, and then they need to be convinced to explore that opportunity. Candidates of this caliber are not going to sell themselves on your opportunity.

You must sell them, or like many of our clients, you must hire an experienced specialist recruiting firm to sell the opportunity for you.

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