Note to Employers – Lack of Prep When You Are Hiring

For some employers the prospect of interviewing candidates is fraught with challenges and limitations.

For those of you with no experience as an interviewer, walking into an interview can feel as nerve wracking as if you were the candidate yourself, right?

Inexperience often means that you haven’t mastered the interview process and you walk in unprepared – a fact that can show.

Because lack of preparation means that you aren’t necessarily confident in your knowledge of the role. Nor do you know exactly the kind of candidate you are looking for.

Lack of preparation also means that you might not have a solid job spec or job description in front of you. Without this, an interview can be like the blind leading the blind.

It also adds the additional challenge that you find it very difficult to frame interview questions that are relevant.

The negative result of this is two fold. As an employer you are not able to fully understand the extent of the applicant’s knowledge. As a candidate you are not being given the best opportunity to shine.

And shining in an interview is not just the task of the candidate. It applies to you too. An employer who fails to do so is not promoting themselves or their company in a great light.

For example, an employer who conducts an interview with a sense of desperation or urgency is not projecting a good image. This kind of manner can portray a number of negatives to the candidate.

They will ask themselves, why are they so desperate to fill this role? Why is there such a sense of urgency?

The result may be that they draw their own negative conclusions and, subsequently, withdraw their interest in the role and company.

And then of course there’s the common challenge to you. Time. No one has enough of it and we all want more.

Interviews can be time consuming and it can be frustrating when candidates are not suitable.

Yet, if you look deeper, are all of these challenges really insurmountable? Or are they just small hurdles over which you can jump.

And by jump, I actually mean bypass. Because, that’s what you could do if you were to hire a Recruitment specialist.

Recruitment specialists take the stress and challenge out of hiring because they are experts in what they do.

Recruitment specialists have the hiring process down to a fine art. They take time to understand job descriptions and specifications, which means that they target the right candidates from day one.

Interviews are thorough and professional. Questions asked are structured and answers are studied to ensure that only the most applicable candidates are the ones that you meet.

So what’s the knock on effect of this? More time!

And no one can argue with more time now can they?

After all, an hour saved in your day is one less you will be working back tonight, and one more when you can relax at the end of the day.

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