Finding The Right Job-seeker In Today’s Highly-Competitive Market

In today’s highly-competitive job-seeker market employers are being forced to consider new and creative ways to find suitably qualified candidates. Employers are now starting to realise that candidates have more choices available to them and that old recruiting methods, such as placing a job advert on an online job board, is no longer as effective as it used to be.

Consider also, the candidate that you are looking for is probably not looking for you. The candidate that you want is most likely happily employed and has no idea that your role even exists, making your search really tough indeed.

All’s not lost though and this is where REJS comes in, we search out the best candidates who are qualified for what you are looking for and make them aware of your opportunity. We save you the time, freeing you to allow you to do what you do best, which is running your business while you leave the search and recruiting process to the professionals.

As you will know a resume will not give you the true “image” of the person, it will show you their work history but that’s where it stops. You need someone to find out the rest for you, like a true recruiting specialist should do.

Retention and hiring are two of the most important things that a company can do to maintain productivity and increase profitability. An experienced recruitment specialist has the knowledge and expertise to help you do both of these better ….. so that superstars “stay on board” with you.

Reaching out to us is easy, simply connect with us on 1300 219 522, or feel free to email us directly or or view our Just Interviewed profiles on our site

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